Completed in 2016. 16″ x 20″

Acrylic on canvas.

This was the start of a small series of paintings where I wanted to portray emotions without the eyes. So many artists and writers focus on emotions in regards to how the eyes are involved. Whether they are engaging you or dismissing you or even haunting. I wanted to prove to myself that eyes are not needed to understand what someone’s face is trying to tell them. The use of a colorful nebula in the background is to represent both the loneliness and the awe-inspiring moments we find in our own emotions. In this series I also wanted to delve deeper into gender and what it means. I have always preferred the female form to draw and sketch as I found the curves easier. As I get more in touch with my masculine side and my bisexuality I wanted to start adding masculine features and pay homage to that. The colors in the nebula are a faint nod to the gay pride rainbow flag.

I wanted to capture that moment of utmost bliss of passion and release. One that is so private but that most of us have experienced. I didn’t want this to be voyeuristic, more of a recollection of your own moments.


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